Grease Monkey Garage

Grease Monkey Garage

Al Quoz Industrial Area 3

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All Car Brands Accepted

About Grease Monkey Garage

Grease Monkey garage was founded by owners who had a huge passion for cars.. These individual monkey’s used to have a small shop focusing mainly on BMW’s and other European cars. However as the passions grew so did the Brand of cars, they then decided to open what we know today as Grease Monkey Garage. Grease Monkey garage focuses on a community based modus operandi. we believe that we are not just a workshop but a place where our customers and friends can join in and feel as part of the Brand. We are here to create a lifestyle, whether this is by helping to fix and assist you with all your car needs and wants, or by sharing with our our accessories like T shirts, Hats, Key chains etc.. We want all our Customers to be involved in the Grease Monkey Garage community. We accept all car enthusiasts as well as motorcycle enthusiasts. Even if you are not an enthusiast we are here to help you understand your car and its needs as well as to give you the best possible service and maintenance on your cars. We feel that cars are not just Engines, Cars are works of Art, by the way they are designed to the unique driving ability that each car delivers. We want to share our Passion with you and we commit to giving you the best possible service.

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Female Reviewer
Romain Rolland
3 weeks ago

Trustworthy and professional. I received assistance from David and Richard to inspect a car I was seeking to buy and they did all you can think of to make sure the vehicle was good to go. The team is very dedicated and does everything to help --> I am more than happy! Thanks again Richard and David!

Female Reviewer
a month ago

The Grease Monkey Garage Dubai has now moved in to a 12,000 ft/2 workshop not far from Porsche Dubai service centre. I am now the manager and can assure everybody that each and every one will receive the best quality attention, prices and parts. 2019 is going to be the start of some thing great for Dubai and ourselves. Please pop in and have a coffee and look round and compare our prices and standards, thank you Just a quick note that there are 2 Grease Monkey's and we are getting unfair reviews on here because of peoples shortsightedness, please think before you post unless its full of love and kindness

Female Reviewer
Elia Borrino
5 months ago

The guys do a fantastic job, while remaining honest about their price. They are very professional and knowledgeable. Definitely the best auto garage to service my car in dubai.

Female Reviewer
Skander Cheikh
7 months ago

an extraordinary experience. a very professional team listens to the customer. and all this has an unbeatable price. thanks again

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Lanline +971-43791386

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