Express Auto Wash

Express Auto Wash

Mushrif Mall

Car Wash
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Car Wash Prices

Express Gold
High Pressure Rinses, Pre-Soak, Wheel Clean, Undercarriage, Touch Free Wash, Tri-Colour Foam, Lustra Wax, Rain Sheild, Super Dryer, Hand Dry Finish
  • Sedan AED 25
  • SUV AED 30
  • Platinum Complete
    High Pressure Rinses, Pre-Soak, Wheel Clean, Undercarriage, Touch Free Wash, Tri-Colour Foam, Lustra Wax, Rain Sheild, Super Dryer, Hand Dry Finish, Interior Vacuum, Dashboard, Windows
  • Sedan AED 50
  • SUV AED 60
  • All Car Brands Accepted

    About Express Auto Wash

    Our flagship car wash facility is located at Mushrif Mall along the airport road in the heart of Abu Dhabi. We have partnered with Mac Neil to bring to you the Rolls Royce of automatic car wash facilities not seen before in this part of the world.

    The technology we use, the people at our disposal and the service that we will provide will revolutionize the car wash industry in this market and set the bench mark for others to follow. Long gone are the days of waiting for up to 1 hour for your car to be washed and even then, not being satisfied with the result.

    At Express Auto Wash we will raise the bar as far as exceeding your expectations and you can expect to be in and out of our facility within 10-20 minutes depending on the wash option chosen. Our car wash facility will allow up to 6 cars to be washed simultaneously as each car travels seamlessly along the automated belt where your car will travel through various stages of the car wash cycle.

    We offer 2 packages of car wash cycles and both offer friction or touchless washing with the Express Gold you will experience the pre-wash, wheel scrub, lava hot wax, rinse, wash, undercarriage, tyre shine and finally you will exit via the dryers and have a hand dry finish. For the Platinum Complete Wash, we offer the Express Gold Wash in addition to full interior vacuum, dashboards and window cleaning.

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    Female Reviewer
    Aura Carolina Macías
    a month ago

    Very good attention, the car is washed quickly, of course only on the outside since it is express. The wash takes around 10 minutes, it has color lights inside that can be fun for kids and the car is dried at the end. Sometimes they have discount coupons for the next wash

    Female Reviewer
    Faisal Kalathingal
    4 weeks ago

    The washing is real fast, all it take is five minutes. It could be that if you have you have your kids with you in your car, they would love it due to the lighting and the cleaning process and all. Overall i would say that the cleaning is much better than what you would normally get from an adnoc washing station. Just put the car in neutral after entering the rail and you would be good to go in five minutes.

    Female Reviewer
    usman ghani
    in the last week

    Answer for a rapid car wash problem. Now a bit expensive. They should bring back the free wash incentive after 4 washes.

    Female Reviewer
    Aby Subin
    2 months ago

    Superbbb experience. They have excellent quality services with very cheap rates. Wonderful offers as well,.

    Customer Reviews

    Male Reviewer
    Mangalory Babu

    Ek dum accha tha ji. Bilkulli badiya. Maine aisa toh kabhi dekhi hi nai

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