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Why You Should Not Neglect Regular Vehicle Maintenance

September 20, 2018

Machines need regular and proper care to keep them running in prime condition. Cars, especially due to their use on public roads, require meticulous maintenance in the interest of motorist and road safety. It does sound a bit blown up, but in this article, we will shed light on just what the consequences can be of maintaining a car poorly.

Tony Molla, vice president of communications for the nonprofit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) says: “It’s tempting to avoid car maintenance in tough economic times, but that’s not a financially sound method to manage the big investment you’ve made in your vehicle. Surveys of our certified technicians show that a well-maintained vehicle lasts longer, retains more of its resale value, pollutes less, and gets better mileage than one that’s been neglected — to say nothing of being safer to operate.”

In simple terms, neglect causes components to wear out faster than they would otherwise. For instance, a car which does not have its wheels aligned periodically can wear its tyres out unevenly, leading to an avoidable expense of a new set of rubber. Additionally, misaligned wheels also wear brake pads out faster, leading eventually to damaged rotors, which are expensive to replace.

Another damage associated with neglect and underuse of a car is the fueling system. A car sitting for too many days without any activity is susceptible to the quality of fuel it has in its tanks. If the fuel is pure which is not the case most of the times, there is no direct threat to the car’s mechanicals. In the case it is adulterated, however, the adulterants present in the fuel deposit on the valve seats, disturbing their path of operation. On a regularly used and periodically maintained vehicle, the valves undergo a thorough inspection and service which keeps the deposits from settling.

If the car is under-utilised or not properly serviced and inspected, the deposits on the valve seats keep increasing, hampering operation. Left to themselves for too long, the deposits could one day displace the valves’ path of oscillation or damage them altogether, leading to expensive engine head repair or replacement.

These are just some of the problems that can crop up if a car is poorly maintained. There are a lot more such issues that can affect every single part and system of your car if it is left unattended. Regardless of whether you get your car serviced at a workshop or prefer to do it yourself, it is critical to keep your vehicle in top running condition. A well-maintained car lasts longer, incurs lesser reparation costs, and holds its resale value should you decide to part with it for any reason.

Featured Image Credit: Motorbeam

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