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White Smoke: A Litmus Test?

Anirudh Sk
October 1, 2018

An exhaust pipe might be the most neglected part of one’s car. Not a lot of us pull out our vehicle on the weekends to check if the exhaust is doing fine. Vapours and smoke coming out of your exhaust are usual, however, the colour of your emissions might tell a different story.
One such alert is white smoke coming out of your pipe. While most of the times, a white smoke might not indicate any trouble, a denser white smoke can indicate otherwise.


Internal Coolant Leaks:

Dense white smoke out of the vehicle is one of the most common and early symptoms of a coolant leak. However, the smoke alone is not always the only symptom. A hunch about possible coolant leak can always be clarified by checking its level.

Cracked Cylinder Head:

A cracked cylinder head, engine block or even a cracked head gasket might lead to the leakage of coolant into the combustion chamber. The reason for a cracked cylinder can be traced back to the time when you ignored the heat level of your car and decided to burn it up beyond the safe limit.

Problems From Other Parts:

A cracked cylinder and coolant leak might not be the only problem leading to white smokes. Many times, the problem may be based on other parts of the engine. Some of these might include a clogged engine, damages to fuel filters and others.

Solutions for all of these problems, however, comes down to a single solution: being aware of what happens in and around your car. This might be the right time to realise that the fluid levels in your car are not supposed to be taken for granted. Starting with the coolant level, one should always keep an eye on the levels of their coolants, a rapid drop in the fuel levels might primarily indicate a leak, if not some other issue.

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