Manage Your Car Workshop Effectively With these Pointers -

Manage Your Car Workshop Effectively With these Pointers

December 18, 2018

Car workshop management is a crucial aspect of ownership of such a facility. If done in the right fashion, it can lead to dividends. A poorly managed workshop, on the other hand, is headed on a one-way trip into the ground. A few tips can go a long way in ensuring your business does not suffer for bad management.

Managing a workshop does not involve just sitting at a desk and disbursing money as and when required. There are different areas to look out for: vehicle management, inventory control, spare parts management, job card creation, accounting, etc. Here are a few things to keep in mind while managing the workshop.


You, as an owner of the business, might not come under the purview of management. Make sure that the person you hire as a service manager has relevant qualifications. Practical experience is a boon, together with expertise and patience toward customer service.


Communication skills are a must-have quality integral to a managerial position. Service managers must be able to see through customers’ descriptions of their vehicle problems and translate those into clear instructions for technicians. They must also be good supervisors of their technicians’ performance and arrange training programs to keep the team’s skills up to date.

Customer Service

Service managers must ensure absolute customer satisfaction so that returning clientele is high in number. Repeat business is healthy for the prospects of a workshop, helping it build long-term revenue and profitability. Service managers must identify key aspects of the business that affect customer satisfaction. Opening times, availability of courtesy vehicles, collection and delivery services, accuracy of cost projections, quality of work- these are just a few parameters that affect customer satisfaction.

Service managers must ensure that all team members understand the importance of customer satisfaction and impart training to improve customer service standards.

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