Maintaining That Shine On Your Car 101 -

Maintaining That Shine On Your Car 101

Anirudh Sk
October 23, 2018

Modern car paints could be one of the most remarkable advances in the field of engineering. The paint on a new car irrespective of the shade it carries is made inches close to standing the test of time. However, a major part of it dials back to your efforts in keeping your paint new and shining.

We might have a few pointers that could help you in doing so.

1) Filth Matters:

Washing is often thought as the primary path to keep one’s paint new. However, a simple wash might not do justice to some of the problematic filth on the body. Tree gum, sap, bird droppings and insects that get splattered on the front bumper all have corrosive elements in them. These kinds of filth when drying up can stretch the paint’s top surface, causing it to crack. This, in turn, can lead to exposure to moisture, leading to quick corrosion.

There are several synthetic agents that are available in the market that can remove such filth with ease. Post its application, one must wash off these chemicals with clean water. It is advisable to not use these agents in bright sunlight or hot paint as it dried up quickly and making it difficult to remove.

2) Deep Scratches

Deep scratches in your car might not always be your fault. However, fixing it is your responsibility. Delaying repairs is one is a quick invitation for some nasty bills.

An emergency solution to retouch the scratch with a wax crayon might help. The wax in the crayon helps form a protective layer. This solution is, however, temporary and might come off with a few washes.

A more permanent solution for serious scratches on your body is to have it looked over by professionals. A touch-up job done at the scratched bit could prevent the metal underneath to corrode.

3) Ageing paint

While modern paints are tolerant of most of the things. Ageing is one of the things it can’t. Hence to maintain the sheen of the paint on a new car, a regular wash every other week combined with a wax polish every six months is recommended.

With extensive use, the car’s paint often becomes uneven. A light lacquer cleaning and paint polish can help you deal with such problems. Loader Loading ..
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