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How It Works gives you the opportunity to choose and contact a wide range of car repair workshops across the UAE.

1. Need to repair your car? is an innovative and easy way for you to find the best car workshop to carry out all your vehicle maintainance and repair needs. We have a list of (almost) every workshop in the UAE with all their details to help you make an informed choice.
2. Logon To is the only website of its kind to list all automotive workshops in the UAE. Our website showcases an exhaustive list of car repair workshops that privode a wide range of automotive services.
3. Search for Car Repair Workshops
Use our interactive workshop search option to narrow down a workshop by location, price, ratings, etc. Our database is constantly updated and monitored to ensure that the information you find on our website is of good quality and helpful.
4. Get in touch
Once you find the workshop you think is best for you, simply contact them directly from our site to book your service appointment. You can send them an email or just click on the number to call them. Once your appointment is confirmed, simply drop your car of avail of a pick-up and drop service if available.
5. Leave Feedback, Feedback is Good
Oh and yes, don’t forget to leave feedback once you are done with the service. This will help the workshop know if they are doing well, it will help other users just like you and it will help us in keeping our website in top form
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