Here's Why You Should Not Delay Repairing A Chipped Windshield -

Here’s Why You Should Not Delay Repairing A Chipped Windshield

Anirudh Sk
September 8, 2018

A chipped windshield irrespective of how small, could pose a significant safety risk for the passengers inside. Although being just a piece of glass, the windshield is an integral component of a car’s build. Hence, the sooner one repairs it, the better it is.

Here are a few reasons why one should do so:

1) Cracks expand

Windshields of cars are made under high pressure hence even the slightest of a chip is vulnerable to the expansion of cracks. These large cracks later become intrusive while driving by not only being a distraction but also by reducing the road’s vision. Additionally, it also expands rapidly when exposed to fluctuating temperatures. During sunny days one might find it difficult to drive due to the excess glare that the chip might cause.

Apart from the difficulty in driving, an unattended chipped windshield could later set one back by hundreds of dollars for its repair. In worse cases, the only option to fix such huge cracks would be to completely replace the windshield. A rule of thumb is to replace the windshield after it exceeds the size of a credit card.

2) Structural integrity of the car

As mentioned earlier, a windshield is a viable part of a car’s build, hence any damage to the windshield can compromise the structural integrity of the whole vehicle. It acts as a support for the roof of the car. In the event of an accident, the windshield plays a significant role in holding the integrity of the car. This adds extra support to the roof and hence helps the other pillars. However, when the windshield is chipped or cracked, it is easier for it to break under pressured circumstances.

3) Traffic violation

A cracked or a chipped windshield can attract severe fine in many countries. This is however justified, considering the amount of threat that it poses on the driver putting it at par with any other offence such as talking on the phone while driving or even driving under any influence. Huge cracks originating from a minute chip can potentially disrupt the judgement of the driver, as the patch of the crack becomes opaque or refracted.

4) The sooner the cheaper

The last thing that any car owner might want in his financial sheet is an unnecessary expenditure because of his car. Many a time, a chipped windshield might not be the driver’s fault. Hence, a majority of them end up ignoring it before it becomes severe. Being a brittle yet an important part of the car, it doesn’t take too long for the chip to turn into a crack. Hence, fixing the chip in the early stages might not cut a hole in one’s pocket compared to the expense that one might face changing the windshield. Apart from the expense, a chip in the windshield can be fixed by a mechanic in a couple of hours, However, replacing it might take nothing less than two days.

 5) Dangers in an accident

A standard windshield comprises of two transparent pieces of glass that are glued together with a vinyl resin in the middle. This resin helps to prevent the glass from being broken into small sharp pieces and injure the driver in the event of front-end collisions. Hence, when the windshield chips, it essentially loosens the glue’s grip making it sharp enough to cause fatal injuries.


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