Here's All You Need To Know About Anti-Theft Devices For Your Car -

Here’s All You Need To Know About Anti-Theft Devices For Your Car

Anirudh Sk
September 13, 2018

Buying a car doesn’t fulfil one’s responsibility towards the vehicle. Some of the subsequent expenditure that has to be made towards the car cannot be avoided and will help one in the long run.

To not find your car in the morning at the place where your parked last night is one of the most devastating feelings a car owner can have. We cannot change the mindset of the thief or alter their motives. However, what we can do is to take the necessary precautionary steps ourselves to prepare for such unprecedented mishaps.

So the question arises: how effective are anti-theft devices? A singular sentence to sum up the need for an anti-theft device would be ‘something is better than nothing’. Hence, in this article, we will end the dilemma that one might face before heading to the garage to get one installed.

Anti-theft devices available in the market can be categorised into two types. One consists of a set of fairly basic equipment that aims at disabling the car, making it less attractive for car thieves to make any money out of it. Second, are the advanced ones which could even track your car’s location after it has been stolen.

Here are some of the most common anti-theft devices that can be found in the market:

Steering wheel locks:

Ranking as one of the most popular anti-theft measures in a car, a steering lock is one of the easiest to install while being fairly effective. Most of the cars these days have this feature as standard. This feature locks the steering of the car making it almost impossible for anyone but the one possessing the key to unlock it.

Hood locks:

Hood locks fall under one of the most basic measures which lock the hood preventing the thief from stealing any of the parts inside it. These locks are placed on either side of the hood and are similar to the hood pins that are common in muscle cars. And like the steering wheel lock, a hood lock can also be only opened with a key.

Electronic immobilizers:

An electronic immobilizer is as basic as it might sound otherwise. Upon activation, the electronic immobilizer locks down the functionalities of the car and ensures that it doesn’t start without a key. Apart from that, an electronic immobilizer also locks down the fuel system due to which the engine would fail to start.

To be noted:

While one might think that a single basic device would suffice the amount of security for a car. It should be noted that one of this device cannot make a car completely theft proof. For example, a steering lock device won’t stop the thief from stealing the engine of the car and a hood lock won’t prevent the thief from driving away with the car. Hence, more than just one of these devices could be ideally installed to provide with maximum security.

Other advanced theft devices include an electronic tracking device or a GPS tracking device that would exponentially increase the chances of one having his/her car back since the trackers can pinpoint the exact location for the law enforcement officers to take necessary actions.

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