Here's All You Need To Know About Alloy Wheels -

Here’s All You Need To Know About Alloy Wheels

Anirudh Sk
September 17, 2018

Changing your wheels involves serious modifications of your car. And it’s wise to know more than just the aesthetic value of doing so. Numerous people prefer alloy wheels because of the way they look, but fail to realise their real pros and cons.

Alloy wheels aka ‘mag wheels’ are usually made of an alloy that is primarily based on Aluminium or Magnesium or sometimes both. A ‘mag wheel’ was traditionally designed to be on sports cars and luxury cars in the market. However, in the past two decades, it has trickled down to the economy section of cars as well.

So if you’ve ever thought about the questions ‘Why alloy wheels?’ Here are your answers.

What are alloy wheels?

First things first. A brief idea about alloy wheels can help one make wise decisions while purchasing it and getting the mod done. Majority of the mag wheels that are available in the market are cast aluminium alloys while some are forged from magnesium alloys. The use of such light metals not only decreases the weight but also increases its strength and ductility.

Traditionally, wheels of lower-end cars are made out of steel because of its strength, durability and, needless to say, its price. However, as the market is shifting towards quality from being pocket-driven, alloy wheels are now being offered as a standard offering by many companies.



One of the major reasons why people choose a set of alloy wheels is because of the way it looks. An alloy wheel looks much more simple than the steel wheels and is void of the cluster that is otherwise present.

Better heat dissipation

A set of alloy wheels reduces the number of components that are attached to the powertrain, in the wheel area. This allows better flow of air that keeps the temperature to a minimum thus yielding better brake performance and durability of the internal components.

Better Performance

People who choose alloy wheel can clearly feel the difference in their car’s performance. This is not only because of lesser components around the wheel space but also because alloy wheels decrease unsprung weight and therefore transmits less inertia to the springs, keeping up better with the undulations of a terrain.

Apart from that being lighter than steel wheels a set of alloy wheels can significantly improve the fuel efficiency of one’s car.

Less likely to corrode and Rust

Being an alloy, mag wheel stands far from the possibility of being corroded or falling prey to rust. Thus increasing its life and reducing the risk of breakage.



Alloy wheels are manufactured after a complex manufacturing process than that of traditional steel wheels. And as a result, the price difference between an alloy wheel and steel wheels are drastic. Apart from that, a steel wheel demands lesser maintenance cost than that of an alloy wheel.

Easily stolen

While Alloy wheels are aesthetically pleasing, it also attracts the wrong kind of attention and is an easy target for car thieves. And a thief’s purpose is only fulfilled when he steals the wheel as the looks reflect the price tag too. Hence, if one owns a set of alloy wheels for their precious ride special security measures should be taken such as getting locking nuts or the like fitted in order to prevent such thefts.

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