Choosing The Right Workshop For Your Car: Phase Two -

Choosing The Right Workshop For Your Car: Phase Two

September 17, 2018

In this article, we’ll tackle phase two of your mission: choosing the right workshop for your car. If you have followed our guide to selecting a competent workshop for your car, you should have a fairly small shortlist of such businesses in your vicinity or your town. Now is the time to pay these workshops a visit to get a feel for how they work, conduct themselves as well as business, and maintain the facility.Ascertain whether the workshops on your shortlist work on the make and model of your car. If you have a specific type of repair or maintenance schedule in mind, inquire about that too. Some facilities specialize.

Look for signs of technician competence and skill levels. If the customer area of a workshop is dotted with technical trade school diplomas, certificates of advanced coursework, and certifications of national-level standards in technical maintenance and competence for its employees, it certainly means the place has got seriously skilled people at work. Additionally, if the business has a civic sense and responsibility, it can be moved up in your list of preferences. Look for plaques or certificates for civic involvement as well as evidence of membership in consumer organisations. These are usually good indicators of the community-centric attitude of a business.

Professionally run and handled businesses tend to have courteous, helpful staff. The manager, service inspector, or technician should be willing and able to answer your queries thoroughly. Transparency in operations is also a sign of a good workshop. To that end, look for labor rate boards, fee structure for testing, inspection, and diagnostics, guarantees, and methods of payment in the office or waiting room of the workshop. If the above particulars are listed and thoroughly explained, it means the workshop is less likely to rip you off through your or its own mistakes. We hope the list is getting steadily shorter.

Before you commit your prized possession to the attentions of one of the workshops on your shortlist, ask for the names of a few of their customers as references. This is strictly up to the workshop to release the info, but if you are earnest and passionate enough, you might get your way. Call the customers, ask them about their relationship and experience with the workshop. Firsthand experiences always paint a clear picture of the situation you are trying to demystify.

By now we are sure you already know in your head which lucky workshop will get to handle your car. But it’s not the end of the road yet. Take your ride to the workshop of your choice and have the team perform a small or minor job, like an oil change or wheel alignment. If you find the workshop isn’t treating your car well or is simply inept despite your thorough research, drive away. Your car does not deserve sub-standard service. However, if you see the facility is handling your car professionally and the results are as you envisioned them to be, you have found the right workshop for your car!

Reward good service with repeat business and more complex jobs and servicing in the future. Some workshops build a good rapport with their customers, keeping them apprised or giving them access to their vehicle’s service/repairs progress. Sticking with such businesses is beneficial in the long run, as the workshop team slowly builds its own relationship with your car, knowing its service and repairs history by heart (by dint of having created the history itself), leading to an in-depth knowledge about your particular model, its nuances, and how to set things right if your vehicle suddenly decides to act up one day.

So there you go. Choosing the right workshop for your car can be tedious if you follow our short guide religiously. One thing is for sure, you will certainly reap the rewards of patience and persistence when you feel your ride is singing with the wind after a trip to your preferred workshop. We would say that feeling is worth the hassle, any day of the year.

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