All You Need To Know About Slow Puncture -

All You Need To Know About Slow Puncture

Anirudh Sk
November 1, 2018

Numerous people lack the knowledge of common repairs that might arise when driving. One of them is the ability to deal with a slow puncture.

While we all hate punctures, a slow-puncture is a lot more annoying. The time taken for the tire to deflate is excruciatingly long and if your car does not come with a tire pressure monitoring system it is near-to-impossible to figure out the puncture. Hence it is important to have the eye for a slow puncture.

Does Your Car Have A Slow Puncture?

First things first, you start with a visual inspection. Comparing every tire with the others to check if an oddly shaped one is the firsts of all to do. However, the shape is not the only visual indicator of a slow puncture. Once the puncture has begun to deflate the tire it is easy to notice it by an odd wear that happens to its sidewall.

If a tyre is dirty and has low pressure, then the sidewall will be in contact with the tarmac, which will ‘scrub’ the tyre clean, giving a better visual clue to a slow puncture by creating a black sidewall that you can pick out clearly through the dirt.

However, if the tire is at an early stage of slow puncture, the above elements would be difficult to spot. Hence, carrying a pressure gauge meter can really help. It is always advisable to hit the highway after proper inspection of your tires.

Should You Repair It?

It is important to know the difference between the issues of your car that are fixable and the ones that need professional attention. Well, fixing a slow puncture might fall in the grey area. This is because most of us tend to fix up the puncture with a puncture kit that comes with a car. While one might think that the job is done, it is merely done as these kits are just temporary solutions.

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