All You Need To Know About Hypermiling And How It Will Give You That Extra Mile -

All You Need To Know About Hypermiling And How It Will Give You That Extra Mile

Anirudh Sk
October 30, 2018

Fuel prices have always been exponential to the rate of inflation. This has many time forced one to prefer the ‘kpl’ factor over the ‘kph’ factor. Fuel efficiency has always been a crowned factor for a car’s sales success. Hence, one must know to squeeze the maximum efficiency out of their cars. A method that is commonly known in the US as hypermiling.

The early 2000-term which was coined in the time of oil crisis in the US has proved to be one of the most efficient sets of methods to cover that one extra mile with the last gallon of fuel.

What Is Hypermiling?

The preface for hypermiling begins with the way you think. A hypermiler will start by evaluating the necessity of a vehicle first. For instance, you should know that a five-minute drive from your house to the grocery store can also be covered on foot or a cycle.

The basic principle underpinning hypermiling is momentum. And yes it’s your driving momentum. One should always know that constant braking and accelerating or a steep terrain easily calls for unyielding fuel efficiency. Hence choosing a direct route with less traffic will let your car maintain its momentum and delivering better kpl figures.

However, it is not only the roads and timings but also your car. A hypermiling car will always be optimised to deliver the most efficiency. And this begins with keeping the car close to its mint condition. Regular service, changing fluids and lubricating the vital parts are some of the things you can start with.

It is crucial to know that these are not the only factors affecting the mileage of your car. Hypermiling is also about your efficiency in micromanaging the car. This ranges from a variety of actions such as parking near to the exit to avoid unnecessary manoeuvring in the parking lot or even getting rid of extra materials in the boot to reduce weight.

While driving, the one mantra used by most of the hypermilers is Driving Without Brakes (DWB). As crazy as it might sound, let me assure you that it is not to completely neglect the brake but to depend primarily on engine braking rather than the middle pedal.

Even though the term was coined decades ago, these are some of the techniques that can be used otherwise too.

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